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“Medical tourism” is the term commonly used to describe people traveling outside their home country for medical treatment.  What really puts the word "tourism" in medical tourism concept is that people often stay in the foreign country before or after the medical procedure. Travelers can thus take advantage of their visit by sightseeing, taking day trips or participating in any other traditional tourism activities. In 2014, more than 900,000 Americans traveled  overseas for treatment and that number looks set to increase.

Health tourism is not the preserve of Americans — around 8 million patients from across the world seek overseas treatment each year. Reasons other than cost to travel overseas for health care include better treatment, as well as avoiding long waiting lists and dodging questions from colleagues and family. Todays inexpensive flights and affordable accommodations have made many people determined to seek medical services in abroad more than ever before.

Infertility treatment, dentistry, cosmetic surgeries and orthopedic treatments in particular are commonly sought abroad. Common destinations include Mexico, Cuba, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Argentina, Czech Republic and Costa Rica. Among these countries, Czech Republic has preserved a top position for providing an excellent combination of  western medical standards , eastern-like low-cost treatments and amazing central European beauties.  The country is bordered by Germany to the west, Austria to the south, Poland to the north and Slovakia to the east and is the crossroads of European cultures.

In Medling, we believe medical care or any kind of treatment should be a relief rather than a burden. Undertaking medical services should bring you joy and happiness, not stress and economic problems. We are expert in what we do and know how to plan your treatment to make it as enjoyable as possible. We provide you a combination of memorable tours and medical check-ups or treatments in a healthy way and at unbelievable low cost in Czech Republic.

We study medical conditions of our clients very carefully and provide each visitor with an individual plan which suit his or her medical treatments the best.

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